Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I know that this is not what it’s all about-- but I had a great time on Memorial Day doing a little shopping with my husband. Our Bible conference is coming up and there’s a few outfits I need to complete if you know what I mean. 
However, around lunchtime, I ran into a little trouble. I had an accident and fell-- breaking my wrist. 
I was in a lot of pain and shock... I mean, I’m 41 now. I thought I was over getting hurt. 
Chris & I spent about three hours in the ER before returning home with my arm in a sling and a splint. I am so upset. I can’t do anything with one arm. 
Thank God it was my right since I’m left-handed. How am I supposed to nurse baby Jace? Get dressed? Do my hair? Write my blog? Uggghhh.

On Thursday morning, I have a nine o'clock appointment with the orthopedic doctor to get my permanent cast.  Me and the kids have been in discussion about what color cast I should get... lemonade out of a big fat lemon.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

before i forget.

Today I turned forty-one.
Today my computer started working.
My kids will grow up having the best childhood at the expense of my sanity.
My favorite song right now is Jesus Freak by DC Talk.
It may seem like I could be clinically diagnosed as having germ-phobia, but believe me when I say it’s not that I have a fear of germs, but a healthy fear of having eleven sick kids. 
Tallulah has been caught twice trying to potty train herself after she has a dirty diaper and before we knew she had a dirty diaper. Let’s just say this-- it wasn’t pretty. 
There is no such thing as the perfect church. Have you heard the saying: If you find the perfect church, please don’t join it, because you’ll only ruin it.
I’m ready for some Spring football.
I wonder if anyone would think it’s weird that I enjoy pregnancy tea and Mother’s Milk tea more than just regular teas.
Pearl’s rash is too difficult to explain, but let’s just say it’s not contagious and is already fading. Phew!
Listening to River’s little Elmo voice melts my heart. 
I saw a sign at Hobby Lobby that read: Children only have one childhood. So true! I want my children’s to be memorable in the best possible way.

don't worry- his car seat was loosen for the stroller at the pool
Please listen carefully: If your children ever catch lice-- Use Listerine! Trust me when I say it will kill those buggers for good. 
Am I able to make Parker an appointment now to get his driver’s license in a year? I think I’m counting down the days till he takes his test more than he is.
I have good kids. They’re on the right track.
Trying to decide-- Pony or Swim lessons.
I want this t-shirt.
I am in love with these shoes. Gotta get me a pair in red.
So used to driving the boys to football practice that when I was on my way to the post office, I went to the football field.
When we were packing for our trip, Jasper grabbed everything out of his pajama drawer and said he was done.

I worry about people that enjoy making others feel bad... and actually think they’re doing a good thing.
Now Charlie’s picked up Ethan’s hair flipping habit. But his hair actually moves.
My favorite blog post this week.

A high priority in teaching my kids right now is: To not walk into a room and just start talking immediately. To be polite and wait their turn. 
Having favorites or sibling rivalry is not an option in my house. It doesn’t and will never exist. Over my dead body. It kills families.
I have to stop drinking sugar bombs. A.K.A: Wendy’s strawberry lemonades. Immediatly. 
I never want to be this woman. I would rather it said,  “Beware of my Mama.” Maybe you don’t know, I’m a very protective one.

My best advice to you if you’re in ministry: Partner with your children. Too many people sacrifice their children for ministry. 
I always find the best shoes at Ross. And most importantly, a particular Ross. 
I love being my age. I would never want to be in my twenties again. I’ve learned so much since I gave my life to Jesus when I was twenty five. 
If you could marry your husband all over again, knowing ahead of time both the good and the bad, would you do it? I would.
If I could have Parker all over again, unmarried and unsaved, would I do it? Yes, it was the worst situation, but I thank him for turning me to Jesus. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


We're back home. My computer crashed. And it's too difficult to post on this phone of mine. And even though I had a 'before I forget' post, I'm going to have to skip it for tonight. So instead I will just post more vacation pictures.

Monday, May 18, 2015

birthday vacation.

We’re on my birthday vacation still and there’s hardly anyone at the resort. It would be safe to say that this is the quietest it has ever been since we started coming five years ago. I love that-- I don’t need a crowd... I am one. 
And the weather has been perfect for Jace especially when the temps can really be high. Let’s just say I couldn’t ask for more perfect conditions. 
Believe it or not, I was actually able to go in the hot tub and lay in the sun with my eyes closed for the first time since as far back as I can remember. Being pregnant throughout most of our marriage, the hot tub has been almost entirely off limits. And all the littles around the pool, there’s no opportunity for any uninterrupted sun-bathing. Usually, Chris and I are on lifeguard duty.  Like I’ve said before, sometimes vacation for the kids means Chris and I are working. Ha! 
Anyway, I’m just so thankful to have this time to enjoy my husband and kids... and have the chance to relax and soak up the warm sun. 
We decided to do things a little different this year, instead of eating a big breakfast and heading to the pool, we decided to eat breakfast on the go and head to the pool really early for two hours. Croissants or cinnamon rolls and yogurt and we’re out the door. 
This way, we can be back for an early lunch and put the kids down for naps before they have meltdowns. We used to stay at the pool till way past lunch and the kids would be overly tired, spent. Our new ‘system’ is great. And with the littles going down for their naps at a ‘regular’ time, we’re able to hit the pool again in the afternoon. 
I love how even though we have been parenting for fifteen years and have eleven kiddos, we are always learning new tricks. 
We had also planned to go to a fancy restaurant, just Chris and I, for my b-day, but I opted to take everyone to Sonic instead. I was so excited to get their onion rings. 
We went after 8pm so we could take advantage of half price shakes. The kids went crazy with oreo cheesecake and chocolate oreo shakes. I got chocolate covered banana and Chris got plain old caramel. We had a great time. 
The weight I vowed I would lose before going to Bible conference in June, I think I gained at Sonic. Oh no!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

before i forget.

I always thought, “If I only had a housekeeper, my life would be perfect.” Well, I have a housekeeper now that comes a few times a month and guess what? I still have problems. 
I can’t decide which is my favorite blog post this week-- this one or this one.
If you want to have a friend, you have to know what the word means.
This is my favorite online store right now.
Sometimes I am just TIRED.
Every year, I really struggle with doing Mother’s Day lessons in Children’s Church since some kids might not have Mom’s. 
Jasper has been experimenting with calling me Mom just to feel like a big boy. Of course, I tell him my name is Mommy, not Mom. 
After Wednesday night’s song service at church, Charlie’s drum teacher told him that he didn’t do well and Charlie acted like his whole life was over, despite the fact that everyone else said he did a pretty good job. Just shows you how kids look up to certain people in their lives. 
Packing for eleven children to go on vacation isn’t for the weak. Even if they are going to be wearing bathing suits most of the time. 
Please don’t read my blog if you’re just reading it to criticize how we do it around here. I want you to be happy. Maybe you should find a blog that makes you happy.
While Sophia was in her ballet dance class practicing for her recital, some of the girls forgot their positions and poses to end their routine.  Surprising the girls and the instructor, Sophia remembered each girl’s and began putting everyone in their final positions. Her teacher was impressed. 
Pearl went to her doctor last week and the ER on Friday night with a rash from head to toe. They didn’t know what it was, but took blood and said it wasn’t an infectious disease. Praise God...? So now, she has an urgent referral to a dermatologist tomorrow at 8am.
Though I strongly agree that women need friends, fellowship and community-- I wonder why God created Adam and Eve to be one, and not Adam, Eve and all her friends to be one. Maybe we should appreciate our God-given marriage relationships more. 
Parker is bored now that Track is over. Just doing Football every afternoon isn’t enough for him he says.
If you want to see me come UNGLUED-- let a fly into my house.
Have you ever heard the saying-- If you treated your friends like you treat your husband, would you have any friends left?
Ethan does this weird thing where he throws his head to the side thinking he is flipping his hair. But I keep telling him nothing is moving.
No one will ever know all that a Pastor’s Wife does behind the scenes unless she is one.
While running on the bleachers in cleats during football practice conditioning, Lincoln slipped and fell through the gap between the benches. He was up by the press box at the top of the bleachers and was unable to yell for help since he was holding on for dear life. By chance, Ethan saw him from far away and sprinted to him. Using his big brother muscles, he pulled him up and saved him (it was about a 15 foot drop). Big brothers are the best.
Ruby is still barking all the time. She barks so good that I think she’s a real dog barking. What a great talent to have. Ha! She is so tall for her age that I forget how  young she really is. 
How can I have seven boys and yet my car is always dirty. Seven, I say. A Mommy like me should have a regularly washed vehicle with that many boys. 
Since River turned three, he has been trying out new tantrums and some not-so-nice words he’s been learning from some kids other than ours. He went from the sweetest little guy to... ugh, let’s just say-- not so nice. He has even been caught trying to punch Ethan in the face. And he’s got quite a punch. Unfortunately he’s so cute even when doing foolish things that Ethan just laughs at him. Which is not helpful.
Tallulah walks around the house yelling, “SOPH! SOPH! SOPH!”
Jace’s blue balloon died and he now has a new red balloon that can stop him from crying in a split second. He even smiles and laughs at it. I wish I would have learned this trick ten babies ago. Maybe Ethan being so colicky wouldn’t have been so terrible.
I have a love/hate relationship with our Summer Bible conference. I love going, but I hate preparing and packing my family of THIRTEEN for it. Or washing all the clothes when we get home.
I just bought this book.
Don’t judge my household until you’ve taken inventory of your own.
School is officially over for the year. I would love to celebrate by having a book burning out in the back.

Monday, May 11, 2015

my day.

My Mother’s day started on Friday per my request. 

What that meant was that Chris took me out to get some bbq sandwiches on Friday night. I was craving collard greens in particular. Our regular southern bbq food truck was out of town so we tried a place that we’ve never been to, but have driven by a zillion times. 

Of course, our little adventure was wedged between picking kids up from football and track finals. But I didn’t mind since that’s part of being a Mom. And that’s why I get celebrated-- for the endless daily sacrifices made for my good and sometimes not so good kiddos. 

On Saturday, Chris took me shopping for myself, but besides finding a few cute pairs of shoes for me, I also found some clothes for my littles, because even though the day was dedicated to ME, I just had to buy things for them. 

While we were out, Chris and I ran into my OB (and his SUPER friendly wife) who has delivered seven out of eleven of my babies. I was also treated to a yummy breakfast for lunch since I really love going out for breakfast. The day would not have been complete without a trip to Hobby Lobby. Love it there. Really. 

On Sunday morning, I woke up to find a hot vanilla latte from Starbucks along with a hand picked flower bouquet from Sophia. 

We had a fantastic Mother’s Day service at church and afterward, Chris took me to the swap meet at the City College. Don’t laugh-- I’ve been DYING to go there. I was there once for outreach when we first moved here twelve years ago, but that was it. So I was the happiest woman alive when I found my extra large, mesh market bag. 

I won’t even tell you how I think it was God-ordained since it was the last one at one of the first booths. Amazing! It was my favorite present.  

When we got back home I was treated to my favorite meal: BBQ baby back ribs. I could live on bbq sauce. With cheesecake and tiramisu for dessert. Oh my! Chris was even up early Sunday morning making pink, chocolate covered strawberries. 

My kids blessed me with the best ever homemade cards (my favorite) and I felt loved and so blessed when the day was done. 

And one last thing-- after evening church, Chris took me to one of those Mexican food trucks found on corners and in parking lots scattered throughout our city. I have been dying to eat at one, but just haven’t yet. 

I couldn’t decide which one to go to, so I let Chris pick. Let’s just say my food was better than delicious! 

When I went to bed, I told Chris that I never wanted Mother’s day to end. Ha! 

Sophia, Pearl and Ruby even put on a fast-paced, high energy dance that rocked! 

I love being a Mommy through the thick and thin. For better or for worse, I am blessed!