Tuesday, July 15, 2014

losing cupcake.

I forgot to mention that while we were at Bible Conference, we got a call from our neighbor on the last day. It was an early call and quickly made me concerned about our home. Anxious thoughts of why and what he could be calling about streaked through my head... Mostly since his call was early in the morning.

After Chris got off the phone with him, he informed me that our cat which I absolutely love, named Cupcake, had been hit by a car. Since he {our neighbor} is an early morning riser, he happened to hear a car drive really fast down our street and then a cat cry out. When he looked out his window, Cupcake was on someone’s lawn across the street. He went out and picked her up and called us immediately. He wanted to know if there was a particular vet he should take her to. But shortly after that, Cupcake passed away.

Though the whole loss was very sad, we were all happy that our neighbor had taken the time to care for her before she died. And not only that, but he went even further and offered to keep her in his ice chest until we got home so the kids could bury her properly. We have a great family next door!

When we arrived home the next day and after we unpacked the van, Chris, the kids and I gathered together to watch Daddy bury Cupcake. We wanted her to be buried in our garden and the kids read Psalm 23 and some of us cried.

Honestly, we have had pets before and I can say that Cupcake was one of the best. She just had a terrific little personality and she was unusually affectionate. My Mom actually gave her to Sophia as a birthday present a few years ago. She and our other cat, Finney Dolphin, were BFF’s so Chris and I felt a little sad for Finney too-- thinking she must miss her playmate.

Today, Chris and the kids decided to remodel Cupcake and Finney’s cat house and make Finney a double decker condo. It has a nice little enclosed house and a removable second floor with a spot for Finney to sun bathe. We miss Cupcake and really appreciate Finney Dolphin.

Some of the kids are begging for a dog as a replacement and Parker even listed a puppy as one of his bucket list items for this Summer. I wish too (sometimes)! Then again-- maybe not.

Monday, July 14, 2014

anniversary date.

Chris and I celebrated 12 years of marriage yesterday.

After church, my MIL stayed with the kiddos so that we could go out for lunch and take a trip to the nursery. My favorite nursery.

I can’t believe we’ve only been married for 12 years. I feel like we have accomplished so much and have really gone full speed ahead surrendering our lives to God. Things haven’t always been easy, but the challenges have grown our marriage closer to each other and to God.

It’s amazing how my whole destiny changed when I gave my life to Jesus and began to delight in Him. A destiny that involves a tremendous man of God and 10 super amazing kids. And a church family which I get to be a part of.

I want to always have a marriage that says ‘yes’ to God and says ‘yes’ to coming along side my husband no matter what God asks of him. I knew the minute I said ‘yes’ to a courtship and marriage with my husband that I was surrendering my life completely to Jesus. I knew he would do anything God wanted him to do.

After a sweet time of hanging out-- just the two of us, we stopped and got a coffee and headed back to get ready for Sunday evening service. He preached about marriage in the 21st century-- and had me laughing and amening! It was a good day.

I’m really content and at peace with the life Jesus has trusted to me.

Another highlight to my evening: Ethan played bass in worship and I was so proud of him that I kept winking at him and giving him thumbs up during worship. He is such a cutie! Can’t they just stay little and live with Daddy and Mommy forever?

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday's Child.

Sketch Made By: My Phone

Saturday, July 12, 2014

ice cream before dinner.

Today we spent more than a few hours working as a family, cleaning and organizing our church. The kids helped out so much and with the best, happy hearts.

I’m not sure if they ever thought it was work with all the crazy laughing and talking they were doing. Even Tallulah and River were having a blast keeping busy.

I’m so thankful to spend time with my husband and kids first on outreach this morning for a revival coming up and then finishing the day working at the church. Some might think that we wasted our Saturday, but how blessed am I that we can do things for Jesus as a family and feel really good about it.

When we were all done, I felt like it was only fitting to announce that we all were going to get soft serve ice cream from McDonald’s. Just like God likes to bless us, I wanted to bless my kids for being fantastic! It was perfect. And really nice after a day with such warm weather.

And then we gave three cheers for Daddy and Mommy’s anniversary tomorrow. To 12 adventurous, amazing years with never-a-dull moment!!!

Friday, July 11, 2014


In the beginning of the month, we stopped all video games and any type of movies...and since we don’t have “tv” that wasn’t an issue.

Let me just say that some of my favorite things are watching my kids make and create things using their own ingenuity along with a little adventure.

I like to think of my home as our tiny piece of country in the city.

Ethan has been working hard to finish his go-cart he started several months ago. He also has a few other projects going including building weapons with duct tape, pvc pipe and pipe insulation.

Charlie and Lincoln are currently obsessed with playing their Halo board game. Even Ruby played with them in between her art projects and coloring.

Sophia and Pearl have been choreographing dance recital numbers and fashion shows.

Jasper and River have been busy riding their bikes and tricycles around while coloring their wheels with sidewalk chalk. And in the middle of all this, Tallulah loves just walking around the backyard grass while learning to climb on anything she can that would make her Mommy concerned.

But this past Sunday, Glen and Joshua {two brothers from our church} took Parker and Ethan to Guitar Center and Parker finally purchased a beat box that he’s been really wanting to buy. What is he going to do with it? Make beats of course.

It wasn’t so easy to download and figure out all the detailed information at first. He and his Dad spent some time doing all the important things just so he could get started. And finally he’s making beats.

So while most of the kids are creating adventures and being an outside family, Parker has been busy doing his instrumental beat box thingy. It’s still an instrument right?

And something else--  I’ve been sticking to my guns about having a daily reading time. Even though we are a reading family, I've been having all the non-nappers read books during the littles nap time. It’s been a little bit of a struggle to establish, but the kids are really starting to come on board with it.

What has this resulted in? Me needing to buy more books to add to the collection of some good reads for my kids. We are excited as the books have started arriving in the mail.


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ruby Jubilee is 5!!

Ruby is now 5 and had her pony party. She is a girl who loves horsey’s. Whenever she can she’ll write in her siblings books and color in them too.

Her smiles brighten our days and her laughter is bubbly and contagious. She’s always been a funny one and we all know that she has quite a sense of humor. Mostly, it’s spontaneous because if you put her on the spot she’ll just smile and stare back at you. She just likes to make us laugh.

Her and Jasper often seem to pair up to play, but she loves being part of the sister circle. Barbie’s, dancing, lip gloss, coloring and dress up are some of her favorite activities to be part of especially when her sisters are playing.

She has her own special funny dance moves. An actress and singer at heart.

Our little Ruby is her Mommy’s best friend. Always wanting to just hang out with me.

She is a blessing of joy. Her middle name “Jubilee” is one word to describe our Rubalee.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ethan plays the bass.

Tomorrow I will be posting Ruby Jubilee’s 5th birthday. She’s a wonderful little girl who is full of smiles and humor!!

On a different note-- Chris took about an hour drive to the Abeka book display to order our materials for the upcoming school year. Sophia, Pearl, Ruby and Jasper all went with Daddy. This is unusual for our family because every year up till now, all of us have gone together. Our family motto is sort of like: If one of us is going, then we’re all going. Unless Daddy and Mommy are going on a date. This year was a big deal for Ruby since it was her first time as a student. She will be starting kindergarten this fall...

They also took a little trip to Home Depot to get dry wall and then to Party City to get ‘horsey’ stuff for Ruby’s party. {And while they were there, they did end up getting “Frozen” party decorations for Soph’s party on the 28th.}

A major milestone happened today as Ethan became the second Big to begin playing on the worship team, and the first bassist. Out of nowhere, Chris just told him, “Hey Ethan, when we get back from vacation. You’re playing bass on Wednesday nights.” Basically, it was because our bass player is going back to New York at the end of the summer. Ethan wasn’t even nervous. I am so proud of him! He has that kind of quality. If you need something done, you can count on Ethan.

And one quick thing-- I started reading my other new book: Praying Circles Around Your Children. Wow. Life changing!! Makes me think even more about my role as a Mommy and the even bigger role of God in my children’s lives.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tallulah Sunshine is one!!

Today was a fun day. We celebrated our beautiful little Tallulah Sunshine!!

From the minute she woke up, we have been singing her happy birthday through out the day. Her reaction has been to sway back and forth, smiling, clapping and singing her own version -- and we all go crazy cheering for her when she’s done.

For her birthday, we decided to head to the beach. Today was her first time and she absolutely loved it!! It didn’t surprise me since she’s gone hog wild for the water on our last two vacations.

I was surprised to find that she just could not get enough of the sand. She loved laying, tasting, rolling, raking, throwing and best of all being buried in the sand. Tallulah was all over the place running and laughing. It was like she was saying “I’m free!!” Ha!

Sophia was a great play partner making holes and bringing water onto the sand for Tallulah to play in. She even buried Taloolee (Talouly, Talluli)-- and when she unburied her, she had a tantrum until she was buried again and left alone.

After a good lunch and nap at home, we decorated and cooked bbq chicken wings and a number one cake as our grand finale.

Lula is such a fun baby. She has a big personality, and currently says words like Mama, Mommy, Dada, Bible.... she sings and thrives on the sound of any music playing.

She loves being outside and being a busy bee.

Her best friend is probably River and me right now. She expects me to be her couch {she wants to sit on me} 24 hours a day and completely loses it if I have to get up for even a minute.

She loves being cuddled, held and loved on.

During her quiet moments, she can be found looking through several books absorbing everything. She is super smart and amazes me with what she can mimic.

Her middle name “Sunshine” really does describe her. Tallulah is everything I could ever wish into one bundle of blessing.

She’s very stong-willed and wants to get her way, but I don’t mind ‘cause she can light up a room.

And tomorrow: It’s Ruby’s 5th birthday!