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thanksgiving 2015 & today.

Do I need to even tell you what a blessed Thanksgiving we had? At first, we were expecting company, but since I’ve been so sick these past two weeks, we unfortunately had to change plans and only Chris’ mom joined us. 

It was a beautiful day and she brought Gingerbread houses and trains for the kids to decorate outside on the picnic table. They loved it and couldn’t decide whether to eat the candy or decorate with it. 

Our meal came out perfect and delicious. And after we had some pie, we took out our digital projector, hooked it up to Parker’s sound system and projected it on the wall. Huge. 

We watched the movie “Max” as a family. Wow. The only bad part was that after it was over, everyone began to contemplate the possibility of us getting another dog. A few of us even had dreams last night about a dog, but then I had a reality check and said, “No.” Unless...

Today, Chris and I took Charlie to IHOP for his birthday meal since he was too busy with football at the time of his actual birthday. We take each kiddo out to eat for their birthday and it’s their choice (to a limit!). 

But it’s funny because everyone from Sophia down picks IHOP. I love IHOP, but Chris (who wants to try out some of the local greasy spoons) jokes with each of them asking if there’s ANY other place they would rather go and they each say, “No!”

We hustled over to Smart and Final for a quick shopping spree on the football team’s credit account. I figured, “How many people will be food shopping on Black Friday?” 

The reason for us being there was that I offered to put together the refreshments for Parker’s football team’s award ceremony. 

When Parker first told me what they were going to be doing, Chris immediately told me that I’m not allowed to do it (in a funny way)-- as if I need something else to do. Yet the minute he walked out the front door, I texted Parker’s Coach and told him I would love to volunteer in that capacity. 

So now I’m basically in charge of coordinating and running the refreshment table before and after the awards. Since we had already done the team meals, the coach was more than happy to have us take that responsibility off his hands. 

At this point, there’s not a lot of parent involvement so they really appreciate and need it. 

The truth is that I really like doing this kind of stuff anyway-- planning, coordinating, and serving-- in the community with my kids (I don’t need a catering crew; I already have one!), so it’s a perfect match for my talents.

The rest of the afternoon until dark, Chris and Ethan worked on our really cool new tree house while I finished up my last minute Christmas cards. And our presents are already beginning to arrive. 

I know some people love to get out of the house and do their shopping in the store and I do do a little of that, but my kids LOVE LOVE when the box man (UPS) delivers presents all month long. 

They get so excited each time he comes up the walkway and they see the piles build up to towers. It’s just the way we do it around here. It’s all about the kids. Remember, they only have one childhood.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

i'm thankful for....

Jesus who saved me when I was so lost.
My husband who I could never be without.
Each one of my children, the very beat of my heart.
My little house, which even though little, 
I think is perfect.
A beautiful yard & garden 
which is my sanity and peace.
My kid’s football games 
which give rise to the savage in me.
Dance recitals which bring happy tears to my eyes.
Our family’s health even when we’re sick-- 
we’re still in Good Hands.
Wealth, that even though we’re not rich in money, 
we’re rich in blessings.
The freedom to homeschool.
My church.
The people who I call family.
The country that I was born in.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

busy day.

I’m exhausted... again. 

My Christmas cards are done. Addressed and stamped in neat stacks on the table by the door. 

I started shopping online yesterday around 1pm. I called it a day around 6:30pm. 

We left the house this morning at 9:30am headed for Target. The plan was to check out the toys so that the kids could get ideas about what they might want for Christmas. 

We hit Costco for a couple of pies and the Christian book store for a couple of movies and went to Toys R Us to do the same. We got back around 2:30pm. 

I spent the rest of the day compiling kid’s lists and comparing prices online until about 8:30pm. I’m pretty much done. Done all the Christmas shopping and done physically. 

I’m beat. 

My inner ear infection finally cleared up and now I have a good old fashioned cold. 

Chris and some of the kids went to church for our Thanksgiving testimony service.

It’s now 10:15pm and the kids are sitting around the kitchen table chit-chatting and sipping hot cocoa. 

I can't wait till bedtime. Theres and mine. Ha!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Jasper turned 5 on November 11th.

What is your favorite color? Black
What is your favorite food? French toast casserole
What is your favorite sport? Football
What is your favorite NFL team? Lincoln's team?
Who is your favorite football player? Charlie
What do you like to do for fun? Play outside and draw
Who is your best friend? Lincoln and Charlie
What is your favorite desert? Eggnog cake and chocolate
Where is your favorite place to go? Palm Springs
What is your favorite kind of pizza? Bacon
What would you like to be when you grow up? Lego builder
What is your favorite song? Reckless by Daddy
 What is the coolest thing you have ever done? Took swim lessons 
Favorite Restaurant? IHOP