Thursday, March 5, 2015

one week old.

I can’t believe Jace is already a week old today. When I told Jasper that today was the baby’s one week birthday-- he ran out of my room cheering and hollering to everyone that it was Jace’s birthday. 
Honestly, I’m a little sad that he’s already one week old. I know it sounds strange, but I love holding onto the newborn stage. It just seems like they all grow up so fast. Right now, I am really just soaking up my new little baby Jace and how much I love him. 
I’m so blessed to be his Mommy. And he knows it. I can honestly say he knows who his Mommy is-- he definitely seems to be the happiest when I’m holding him. 
Chris and I think he looks like Charlie. And his reddish hair reminds us of a little Irish gentlemen or one of England’s princes with his coloring. 
Chris has been calling him Jedi Jace. And River and Jasper call him by his whole name, Jace Jedidiah. 
He eats every two hours and is doing absolutely great nursing-- which makes things really easy for me. I’ve had some babies who weren’t so easy. 
I’m really thankful for my new recliner since me and Jace end up sleeping in it quite a bit. It’s made the night feedings much much easier for me. 
I’ve really been making sure that I take my morning shower everyday and get at least semi-dressed. It helps me feel better when the post-pregnancy hormones start to act up. And Chris has been trying to get me out for some fresh air even if I stay in the car with the baby. 
I do plan on posting about my delivery soon, but until then, just know that I am in love and feel so blessed and amazed that God has blessed me to be Jace’s Mommy. He was always meant to be in our family. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Saturday, February 28, 2015

we love jace.

Jace has been the sweetest little guy a Momma could ever ask for. He was a little bit agitated there for awhile-- until around 10pm his first night, but then, some things just kind of worked their way through his system and he really settled down. 
If he had been my first baby, I probably would be thinking, “Oh, this baby stuff is so easy. I don’t know why everyone makes such a big deal about it.” But I’ve been through this enough to know better: Not every baby is like Jace. 
Right now he’s been feeding and sleeping REALLY well. He even took a nap while he went with Chris and I on a Saturday afternoon date for some BBQ sandwiches. Chris wanted to get me out of the house for some fresh air, but don’t worry-- neither I nor Jace left the car. We went to one of those restaurants on wheels, because I’m way too germ-phobic to be taking my newborn anywhere out in the public for weeks. Like around six. 

Anyway-- Jace has been perfect. I’ve been very tired as can be expected, but God’s been very kind in helping my body bounce back quickly. I’m doing extremely well. And now I need to get to sleep. The night’s feedings will be underway soon enough. 

Tomorrow while Jace and I are at home and Chris and the kids are at church, I plan on downloading the pictures of Jace onto my computer so I can start posting them. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

he's here.

At 4:11 pm on February 26th, 2015,
this young man made his entrance into our lives:
Jace Jedidiah weighing in at 8 lbs 9 oz 
and measuring 21 1/4 inches.
His first name means "Healer"
 and his middle name "Loved by God".

What a wonderful gift
God has blessed us with. 

“The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me,
Because the Lord has anointed Me
To preach good tidings to the poor;
He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted,
To proclaim liberty to the captives,
And the opening of the prison to those who are bound;
NKJV Isaiah 61:1 

game day.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

the day before.

Wow-- I can’t believe that tomorrow the little guy will be in my arms. 
I feel like this has been the longest pregnancy. To think I was pregnant for all of last year’s football season and still pregnant now makes it feel like forever. 
Lately, I’ve been telling Chris that I’m so uncomfortable that I wish I could unzip my body and step out of it. Does that make sense? 
I can’t wait to share his name tomorrow with a picture for everyone to see. 
I have really had a lot of fear and anxiety over the upcoming delivery because I’m still suffering panic attacks stemming from Ruby, Jasper, and River’s births. Ha! 
Instead of just trying to block it out like I did for previous births and not think about it at all (which I am quite willing to do), I have really been turning it over to God and using it to trust Him more. 
I want to be like those SEAL snipers who can regulate their breathing and heart rates even under extreme conditions. I am far, no where near that. 
Today, I really seem to have broken through and have had only victory, joy and excitement for tomorrow. I’ve got it all planned out in my mind: Check in at 9am, the doctor will help move things along and the next thing I know, I’ll be popping this baby out. That’s my plan-- Oh! and spend the rest of the day relaxing and resting in my hospital room spending time with Chris and the new baby. 
Sounds perfect right? I’ll let you know how it all unfolds. 
Another cool thing that happened today was that my new car seat which wasn’t supposed to be here till Saturday suddenly showed up in the hands of the Fed Ex man. Wow! So neat! 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

the waiting game.

On Saturday, Chris and I picked up Sophia and Pearl from dance class (make up classes) and took them to Target to buy those last minute items that I have to have when the new baby comes home. 
But I kept forgetting one of the most important items (nursing pads) and since Chris had to go to Home Depot which is just across the way, I figured we’d take care of it all at once. 
Since I was having a lot of pregnancy pains, the girls and I bought a few snacks and sat and talked while Daddy did the shopping for me/us. We never get snacks like that from the store so it was kinda special and I loved just hanging out with my girls doing nothing, but talking and waiting for Daddy. 
I love that it’s so different from hanging out with my boys (even though both are extra special in their own ways). I really praise God for all four of my girls! 
Today, the kids and I piled in the van and took care of some important things that I had to get done. Because after baby comes, there ain’t nothing going on. 
Parker needed some school forms filled out and track clothes paid for. There were three sport physical forms to take to the boy’s doctor so they’d have their paperwork ready for football, which  Lincoln loves. We made a trip to the sporting goods store for replacement spikes for Parker’s track shoes. In the past week, he spiked himself and tore his running shoes practicing the high jump. Ugh! I picked up a new wallet since mine broke, a charger for the van since the old one doesn’t work on Chris’ phone and I bought a pretty nail polish I’ve really been wanting to buy. I will be using that one tomorrow when I get my “mandatory” hospital delivery manicure and pedicure. Ha!
On a less mundane note, while Chris packed his hospital bag (I can’t believe he actually did it-- he usually waits until we are literally out the door. Maybe he has changed... No.), we had a discussion on what he should wear, specifically what hat he should wear in the delivery room. 
Sophia remembered which hats and jackets he’s worn with our other babies at the hospital. She is so funny! Here I am, getting ready to have a baby and suddenly we all begin voting and discussing what hat Chris should wear. Are you kidding? Too much!
By the way, we were all treated to Shamrock shakes before dinner tonight. I will enjoy it while it lasts.  

Monday, February 23, 2015

he's almost here.

I had my 39 week baby appointment this afternoon. All is well-- the minute I saw my Doctor, I told him that I was able to hold off delivery until he got back from his vacation. Ha! 

I’m now at 2cm. Chris thinks my Doctor said that I have 60 to 70% more thinning out to do. However, I am sure that he said that I am thinned out 60 to 70%. But we both agree we heard him say I’m ‘favorable’ now. Whatever all that means... 

He gave Chris some pointers on delivering the baby just in case we have a reenactment of River’s birth (click here to read River's birth) and don’t make it to the hospital in time. His main suggestion was don’t let the baby shoot out. Guide his head and control his delivery. 

I have been telling Chris that even though he’s seen nine births that he really doesn’t know what to do? But being the typical guy that he is, he just smiled that “Don’t worry, I got this” smile. Gosh, isn’t there some Biblical warning against being overconfident? But then again, isn’t that why I married him? 

By the time we left the examination room, the front office was scheduling me to be induced at 9am on Thursday. The funny thing is that I hadn’t really decided that for sure, but my Doctor will be on call that day from 7am till Friday 7am. As he (the Doctor) left, his words were essentially-- Looking forward to it and, I quote, “It’ll be fun.” Fun? I don’t recall giving birth fun. Well, Pearl and Lincoln’s birth was pretty close to what might be considered fun, I guess. I’ve been praying consistently for God to give me a delivery like those two. 
On another note: I have been bent on finding the ‘perfect’ car seat... Because I’m obsessed with car seats (used to be strollers also). I made Chris take a few trips  with me looking for ‘the one’. It had to be Graco (because for the most price it is the lightest in weight) and mostly black. I could not find one I liked. I finally settled on one that almost fit my specifications. 

Until suddenly, just last week, Graco came out with a new one that is only sold online. I quickly had Chris take me back to Babies R Us to return the one I bought and of course, order the new one I love. It’s perfect and if, by some chance, we happen to have another baby and it’s a girl, even she can use it too. Love the red and black! 
This past 48 hours, I have been unusually tired. I literally slept the first half of today and all day yesterday. I don’t think I’ve done that in any of my other pregnancies. But I hope that just means I’ll be well rested for the birth and those nights of waking up every two hours. 
Pray for me that I don’t lose my mind over thinking about the pain of delivery. God always has grace on me and blesses me in amazing ways that I don’t deserve. I know He will do it again with baby # 11.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Saturday, February 21, 2015

drummer boy.

Charlie officially started his drum lessons yesterday morning with a young man from our church named Joshua. Who’s Joshua? He’s a super nice young man from Freetown, Sierra Leone, whose Dad is one of the Pastors in our church fellowship. Joshua is here for college and we have been blessed to have him in our church family for the time being. 
When Chris grew up, he only played sports-- nothing musical. He didn’t learn to play the guitar until he was 29. But now that our kids  are growing up in the church, being involved in music is just a part of our  daily lives. Parker plays the drums, guitar and raps. Ethan plays the bass, is working on the drums, and is a future singer and rapper. Sophia is doing some back-up singing.
I’m not saying that anyone’s going to be a professional musician, but Chris’ mindset is that everyone’s going to learn an instrument or two and at least, attempt to sing, whether they like it or not. Up to this point, everyone likes it. 
So with Joshua’s help, who is a fantastic drummer, Charlie will soon be playing drums on Sunday night at church. I’m so proud of him and excited to see how God will use him. It’s really great being part of a church family where people are willing to invest in others.