Saturday, April 25, 2015

a perfect date.

This morning, Chris and I took our seven year olds out for a birthday date (they are only 11 1/2 months apart). They both wanted to go out for breakfast. 

Lincoln choose IHOP which I didn’t mind since it’s one of my favorite places to go for breakfast. My Dad use to take my family to IHOP when I was a little girl. I always loved it and have fond memories of those times. 

I wasn’t surprised when they ordered the ‘Funny Face’ pancakes. And since they didn’t know what the different flavored syrups tasted like, we poured each one on a spoon so they could see which was their favorite. 

Chocolate pancakes weren’t enough chocolate because they had to order hot chocolate too. It was just a really nice morning. 

Afterwards, we took a drive to a horse stable only ten minutes away to look into riding lessons for the girls. I looked into this place years ago, but never followed through with it. 

The timing is perfect since Chris seems to have taken a sudden interest contemplating lessons and what it would cost for our family to lease or own one. Not to mention that the owner of the stable has her niece’s large pony who has been lacking in love and largely unridden for a couple years. She just wants someone to love and ride her. 

The kids are excited and Chris and I are in “discussion” about full-leasing the pony. Fingers crossed. Did I ever mention that I love horses and grew up riding, training and owning my own. My dream has always been to have my kids grow up around horses too. 

Perhaps someday...

Thursday, April 23, 2015

this is love.

I may be 40 years old
have eleven children
not have a show-piece for a body
but looking at this little baby
I can say-- I know God's grace 
I'm so thankful 
I'm truly blessed
And, I would never choose a different life for me

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

whats going on.

Today, while I was having my daily treadmill time, half of my littles were inside screaming and fighting. Yes, even though some have thought my house runs perfectly, that does go on around here. I just tuned them out and kept having my “me” time. 

I am curious why God seems to talk to me while I’m in the shower. You wouldn’t believe some of the revelations I receive. Maybe it’s because it’s one of the few times I’m not busy or preoccupied with the eleven little people that live in my home.

Sophia started a new rewards system in our house. Everyone starts out with a star and at anytime it can be lost. If you are caught doing something extraordinary, you can earn a superstar badge. Wow-- the things that can motivate a kid’s heart. Ethan even let Pearl go first in and out of the van. Most of the time it’s just a mad rush to the front door of the house. His comment, “Ladies first” earned him the badge. Let’s see how long this works. 

Parker has now been injured a little too long for my liking as a Mom. The doctor’s remedy didn’t work. Now, I’ve insisted on him being referred to an orthopedic. A fourteen year old walking like a hundred year old man after track just doesn’t seem right. And to think this seems to have come from the high jump in track and not from football. I would have never thought. 

Charlie now officially plays the drums for our Wednesday evening worship service. Amazing. At nine years old, his drum lessons with Joshua are really working-- even though they got in a fight and Charlie quit after his first lesson. Good thing he called Joshua that day and apologized. They are pretty funny together. 

Only eighteen more days of school left. Can you hear me shouting for joy!!

Tallulah loves wearing the girls old recital costumes. She really shows all the traits of a baby in a family of eleven. Must I explain? Spoiled and a princess. 

At his football practices, Lincoln is now known as “pitbull” (after the breed not the rapper).

When I asked River if he wants to watch the Bubble Guppies dvd that a sweet Mom from our church gave me, his reply was “No, Hobbit”. And he’s three. 

Ruby is addicted to sidewalk chalk, barking like a puppy and asking a million times a day when Summer will be here because that is when she gets to start taking dance classes with her sisters. 

Jasper has a black eye from running into the back of River’s head. And River has a black eye from falling into a chair at church. Bruiser brothers. 

Jace has been taking a million cat naps the past two days and nursing a billion times in the day. He hates being in his car seat since the only thing he wants do to is be snuggled and held real tight and cozy. Did I mention that he smiles a ton and just started making cooing sounds. 

And Chris has been contemplating and praying if he should transfer to the high school that’s just a little closer to our house and where Parker plays all his sports. Please pray for him.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

soph's got talent.

I’m so proud of Sophia.

Today I received an email from the dance studio owner asking if Sophia would be available to help assist another teacher for the preschool aged ballet class. As I’ve said before, this position is only open to girls on team. With the exception of Sophia. 

Even though I would love for her to be on team and so would her dance teachers (she was invited on the dance team), we just couldn’t afford it. Sophia is a sweet and thankful ten year old and completely understands. We try to do as much as we can for the kids, but we can only do so much and stretch ourselves so far while still remaining wise. 

Soph is just happy and excited to start her new job next week. She’s actually starting to think about going to college and getting a degree in dance. She has said in the past that she wants to work at her dance studio when she’s grown up. 

She really does have talent.

Monday, April 20, 2015

partner's pizza.

Little did Chris and I know that when we bought pizza kits from Costco the kids would think that adding their own toppings would be so exciting to them. 

We buddied everyone up with their partners and let them add whatever toppings they wanted. We even let them add some extra “secret” ingredients like garlic powder and oregano which they thought was super cool. 

When the homemade pies came out of the oven and the kids began to indulge in their creations, you would’ve thought that they were eating the best pizza they’d ever had. Since then, they’ve been begging to do it again. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Saturday, April 18, 2015

lincoln turned 7.

Lincoln had his big 7th birthday celebration yesterday. 
He decided that he wanted a Hobbit birthday that resembled Bilbo Baggins’ party. So the party planning crew got to work on Thursday in between school work, recreating the shire in our tiny dining room. 
We couldn’t stop thinking of things to add including a red dinosaur that represented Smaug. Ha! Ethan got to work making his very own Middle Earth map. It was unbelievably fantastic. 
Lincoln requested his Daddy’s homemade hamburgers with all the fixin’s and brownies with chocolate ice cream (eww!) for dessert. 
Of course the birthday boy also wanted Legos and video games for his birthday presents. Like we needed anymore of either. His favorite present was the Battle of Five Armies Lego set. 
When we took Lincoln shopping for his birthday presents, it was only under one condition: Charlie had to come with since he would help him pick out his presents. He does this for every holiday. Charlie is his best friend, by the way. 
We ended his birthday celebration with a couple of spectacular back yard fire works just like good old Bilbo Baggins’ birthday.